May 2023

Spiderweb Moon, Fawler, England

Spiderweb Moon, Fawler, EnglandSpiderweb Moon, Fawler, England

Ocean Showers, The Maldives Islands

Ocean Showers, The Maldives IslandsOcean Showers, The Maldives Islands

Clifftop, Meteora, Greece

Clifftop, Meteora, GreeceClifftop, Meteora, Greece

Blue Dusk, Kinsale, Cork, Ireland

Blue Dusk, Kinsale, Cork, IrelandBlue Dusk, Kinsale, Cork, Ireland

Spiral Staircase, Saint Etienne-du-Mont, Paris, France

Spiral Staircase, Saint Etienne-du-Mont, Paris, FranceSpiral Staircase, Saint Etienne-du-Mont, Paris, France

Sidewalk Cafe, Bruges, Belgium

Sidewalk Cafe, Bruges, BelgiumSidewalk Cafe, Bruges, Belgium

Vineyards, Tuscany, Italy

Vineyards, Tuscany, ItalyVineyards, Tuscany, Italy

Foggy Morning, Sevilla, Spain

Foggy Morning, Sevilla, SpainFoggy Morning, Sevilla, Spain

Sleepy Hollow Farm, Woodstock, Vermont

Sleepy Hollow Farm, Woodstock, VermontSleepy Hollow Farm, Woodstock, Vermont

Narrow Street, Mykonos, Greece

Narrow Street, Mykonos, GreeceNarrow Street, Mykonos, Greece

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