November 2022

Caprice Bar, Mykonos, Greece

Caprice Bar, Mykonos, GreeceCaprice Bar, Mykonos, Greece

Lenticular Clouds, Mount Fuji, Japan

Lenticular Clouds, Mount Fuji, JapanLenticular Clouds, Mount Fuji, Japan

Canal Ride, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Canal Ride, Utrecht, The NetherlandsCanal Ride, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Secret Bookcase Room, New Hampshire

Secret Bookcase Room, New HampshireSecret Bookcase Room, New Hampshire

Autumn Storm, Baden-Wurttenburg, Germany

Autumn Storm, Baden-Wurttenburg, GermanyAutumn Storm, Baden-Wurttenburg, Germany

Footbridge, Sintra, Portugal

Footbridge, Sintra, PortugalFootbridge, Sintra, Portugal

Castle Rampart, Brittany, France

Castle Rampart, Brittany, FranceCastle Rampart, Brittany, France

Brienno, Lake Como, Italy

Brienno, Lake Como, ItalyBrienno, Lake Como, Italy

Rainy Day, Venice, Italy

Rainy Day, Venice, Italy Rainy Day, Venice, Italy

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye, ScotlandIsle of Skye, Scotland

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