August 2022

Portal, The Magic Forest

Portal, The Magic ForestPortal, The Magic Forest

Stairway, Rouen, France

Stairway, Rouen, FranceStairway, Rouen, France

Double Waterfall, Basque Country, Spain

Double Waterfall, Basque Country, SpainDouble Waterfall, Basque Country, Spain

Lantern, Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Lantern, Multnomah Falls, OregonLantern, Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Morning Light, Forest Cottage, New Hampshire

Morning Light, Forest Cottage, New HampshireMorning Light, Forest Cottage, New Hampshire

Snow Bridge, Warsaw, Poland

Snow Bridge, Warsaw, PolandSnow Bridge, Warsaw, Poland

Reading Alcove, Santorini, Greece

Reading Alcove, Santorini, GreeceReading Alcove, Santorini, Greece

Snowy Day, London, England

Snowy Day, London, EnglandSnowy Day, London, England

Thunderstorm Rainbow, Alberta, Canada

Thunderstorm Rainbow, Alberta, CanadaThunderstorm Rainbow, Alberta, Canada

Cliffside Path, China

Cliffside Path, ChinaCliffside Path, China

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